About us

Marco van Noort


We are breeding plants with a solid effort to create and improve new plant varieties. The main objective is to breed a better plant with adorable color, flowertime, strong and especially attractive and flowering. We have lots of plants and bred. Refined, Geraniaceae, Compositiae, Ranunculaceae, Saxifragaceae, Lamiaceae and Dipsacaceae.


Wilhelm van Noort

Marco van Noort fixed plants comes from a third generation of breeders. Wilhelm van Noort started breeding plants in 1929 with daffodils and tulips. Later on, he also ran a seed business.

Photo: Wilhelm van Noort with Wim van Noort Jr. in the year 1952 cooking Daffodils or as it was then called, a ‘hot warm water treatment’ against germs.


Wim van Noort

Wim van Noort continued to grow the business by breeding small flowery Gladiola. (Nanus Convillei, Prins Claus, Amanda May and Charming Beauty). Later on flowers were reaped from fixed plants for the auction in Rijnsburg.

Photo: Wim van Noort among the Daffodils in 1963.


Marco van Noort

As a little man, I became interested in everything that lives such as insects and special plants at an early age. At an early stage I started improving plants through breeding. We are proud of the more than 60 new varieties from our nursery and many new varieties are on the way. In order to find some relaxation in this busy life, I keep busy with honey bees and marathon canoe / Surfski sailing in my spare time.

Photo: Marco van Noort with a bee-comb.



Heidy is co-owner of the nursery and is responsible for the propagation of plants. With great feeling for everything that lives, she strives to realize such a beautiful and equal product. The administrative paperwork is also entrusted to her.

Photo: Heidy between the Agapanthus.