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Coreopsis Solar Jewel®

Coreopsis Solar Jewel has been selected for its strong disease resistance and the amazing amount of large, brightly coloured flowers. From June to October, it proudly shows off its bright red flowers with yellow-orange edges. If you cut the perennial after the first flowering period, you may enjoy a second bloom later in the year. Solar Jewel is without doubt one of the most durable, richly flowering, low maintenance perennials for a natural garden.

How to care for Coreopsis Solar Jewel: Solar Jewel has a compact, bushy and upright growth habit and is not picky about soil type. Solar Jewel even tolerates poor or sandy soil! It grows in direct sunlight, is 50 cm high and 45 cm wide and is hardy to -20 °C.

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Flowering Month
June, July, August, September
Latin Name
Coreopsis Solar Jewel
Min Height
40 cm
Max Height
50 cm
Full Sun
Yellow, Orange, Red