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Dictamnus albus

Quite a dangerous plant. Do not touch it during the day in hot weather and full sun. Blisters almost certainly. Also, don’t throw a burning cigarette in this bush. The flammable sulfur fumes will make short work of your haircut. the plant lives up to its name. But for the enthusiast it is a jewel in the garden! The plant grows slowly and it is advisable to buy a 3 year old plant or one with a robust appearance. Grows on any soil type and if the plant starts to flower it can give you years of pleasure and will give more and more flowers over time. Another thing, transplanting releases a special scent from the roots. Used in the pharmaceutical industry as a fever reducer, anti-migraine and for liver disorders. How such a dangerous plant !?

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Flowering Month
June, July, August
Latin Name
Dictamnus albus
Min Height
80 cm
Max Height
100 cm
Full Sun
Purple, Pink
Zuidwest Europa, Azie