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Echinacea Garden “Wild Romance®”

The Echinacea Garden types are highly suitable for landscaping. They are striking in color and have been bred for a long lifespan in the garden. The plant is robust and also has large flowers that are frequently visited by insects such as bees and butterflies. The time from planting a 4 cm TC plant (Tissue Culture plant stage 4) to flowering is 12 to 14 weeks. To keep the plant fuller and more compact, the main bud can be trimmed back. This will delay the blooming by about 1 to 2 weeks. Trimming back is not necessary, but for the Garden types, it can result in a shorter plant. Echinacea prefer well-draining soil and a sunny location and are winter-hardy down to -12°C.

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Flowering Month
June, July, August
Latin Name
Echinacea Garden "Wild Romance®"
Min Height
50 cm
Max Height
60 cm
Full Sun
Red, Pink